Diversity in Our Workforce

Empowering the Journey

At VSP Vision™, building a workplace where everyone feels they belong is a collective journey, not a fixed destination. Our employees play a critical role in shaping the future of VSP. Our role as a company is to listen, collaborate with them, and ensure they have knowledge and opportunities to fuel the journey.


“A workforce with a broad spectrum of identities, experiences, abilities, and perspectives enriches our culture, drives innovation, and better serves our stakeholders and communities.”

Michael Guyette
VSP Vision President and CEO


Business Resource Groups (BRGs) 

Our eight Business Resource Groups, or BRGs, are the heart and soul of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) at VSP and provide employees opportunities to build relationships, learn about different perspectives, and sustain a culture of authenticity and belonging.  

  • Abilities Beyond Limited Expectations (ABLE) 
  • Black Heritage (BH) 
  • Asian and Pacific Islanders (API) 
  • Latino 
  • Military, Veterans, and Families (MVF) 
  • Pride
  • Women’s Inclusion Network (WIN) 
  • Empowered Professionals (EP) 

These groups of employees come together around common interests, perspectives, and experiences related to topics such as accessibility, age, ethnicity, gender identity, special interests, and other dimensions of diversity. We leverage their wealth of knowledge to develop products and services that meet the diverse needs of our stakeholders and attract and retain the best talent. Employees are encouraged to join any BRG that interests them, even if (and especially if) it’s a group that does not align with their background or how they identify. This simple act of allyship demonstrates a commitment to learn and advocate for a more inclusive culture. 

“At VSP, the Business Resource Groups are an amazing way for employees to have an impact outside of our standard work. Employees are respected and valued for who we are and for our unique stories.”

Allison Malia
Systems Analyst 

Diversity Celebrate Educate Participate

Celebrate. Educate. Participate. 

Respect and curiosity inspire our DE&I journey. Celebration, education, and participation are our guideposts. 

As a company, we celebrate the unique cultures and interests of our workforce throughout the year. We educate each other about different facets of DE&I through formal training, online resources, and authentic conversations. We encourage employees to participate in BRGs, employee events, focus groups, quarterly pulse surveys, and the annual employee engagement survey so that they’re heard.  


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