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Social Responsibility: Sustainability

A Healthy Planet

A healthy planet is directly and powerfully tied to healthy people. VSP embraces the opportunity to create meaningful solutions to protect environmental and community well-being.

Today, we have programs in place to reduce pollutants and waste and increase energy efficiency, upcycling, and recycling. Many of our environmental programs have been in place for decades. Yet our sustainability strategy continues to evolve. For example, the VSP Global Innovation Center researches opportunities to incorporate sustainability into our business by exploring new technologies and making strategic connections within the innovation ecosystem.

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Marchon Eyewear, a VSP Vision company, has a proud history of commitment to sustainability and corporate responsibility initiatives. EYES ON TOMORROWis a global program dedicated to helping ensure our eyewear and processes have a lessened impact on the planet. From creating more sustainable frames from plant-based materials to innovating how we manufacture, transport, and store our products, we are committed to the health of our planet.

Protecting Our Oceans

Dragon, one of Marchon’s proprietary brands and a leader in performance eyewear with deep roots in the action sports world, has a long-standing partnership with The Surfrider Foundation. Currently, the title sponsor of their Clean Water Initiative – a multi-tiered approach to tackle ocean pollution, Marchon is helping protect our waterways, a vital component of health and wellbeing. In addition, a collaboration with Plastic Bank will prevent the equivalent of 10 plastic bottles from entering the ocean for each pair of optical frames, sunglasses, and snow goggles sold.

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Increasing our Efficiency

The VSP Vision headquarters campus provides bike lockers and EV charging stations for employees, uses LED lighting, and purchases energy from renewable sources. We’ve gone 100% digital in our billing, saving more than one million sheets of paper per year. Recycling programs for paper, cardboard, batteries, lightbulbs, air filters, and e-waste also contribute to more sustainable operations and our Green Guardian Team of employees who are passionate about sustainability hold regular e-waste events.