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VSP Vision is transforming lives and improving health outcomes through innovation. Both a physical space and a corporate division, The VSP Global Innovation Center (GIC) is our hub for curiosity and collaboration, constantly reimagining the way eye care and eyewear are delivered to the world. Working closely with partners across industries, we bring transformative products, services, experiences, and ideas to market. 

Futurist Reports

In this ongoing research series, we’re highlighting the ideas, trends, market changes and technology shifts reshaping our industry – and our future.

Futurist Report
Call to Innovators

Call to Innovators

The VSP Global Innovation Center is actively seeking new partners, collaborators and innovators to pioneer and provide life-improving products, experiences, and services.  

Inside the GIC

We are excited for this new chapter of The VSP Global Innovation Center at The Cannery. Originally built in 1912, The Libby, McNeil, & Libby Cannery (The Cannery) is now known as a regional and national landmark, even being included in the National Register of Historic Places. The VSP Global Innovation Center plans to continue the rich legacy of this historic building set by the thousands of hard workers in The Cannery decades ago.

Bringing the Outside In

Bringing the Outside In
Conveniently located for partner and community engagement.​​

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Responding to Shifts in the Market
Dedicated meeting spaces to communicate across the world.​​

Cannery 2

Building a Network of Partnerships
Designated areas for pitch sessions and collaboration opportunities.​

What We’re Up To

We’ve been out sharing new ideas, concepts and experiences that shape the communities we serve. See where we’ve been lately.

Sacramento King VSP Sponsored

Game On: Kings Guard Gaming Explores Vision Performance Training
Kings Guard Gaming, the official NBA 2K League affiliate of the Sacramento Kings, and the VSP Global® Innovation Center entered into a multi-year partnership to promote eye health in the gaming community and leverage emerging technology to improve vision performance for the athletes.

Vision Monday

Vision Is a Driver of Health and Personal Performance, According to New Report from VSP Vision Innovation Center
The VSP Vision Innovation Center released findings from a new report that identified vision as a key force in cutting-edge technologies and startup companies poised to shape the future of eyecare and eyewear.

Ruth Yomtoubian

Ruth Yomtoubian from the VSP Vision Innovation Center featured at Techonomy Health + Wealth Conference
During the Techonomy Health + Wealth of America Conference, the VSP Vision Innovation Center's Ruth Yomtoubian shares her vision for using technological advancements in the field of vision for improving personal performance and health.


27 Corporate Innovation Labs in Healthcare
The VSP Vision Innovation Center is included in a list of healthcare-focused innovation labs curated by CB Insights.


Clear Vision for the Future: VSP Vision President and CEO Michael Guyette on overseeing the nation's only not-for-profit vision benefits company
VSP Vision's Michael Guyette discusses the VSP Vision Innovation Center's four areas of focus in the innovation-themed issue of Comstock's Magazine.

GIC chart

VSP Vision Intensifies Focus on Innovation with 'Futurist Report'
VSP Vision is intensifying efforts to develop futuristic products and services by transforming its innovation arm into a new business unit with a redefined mission. The new unit, the VSP Vision Innovation Center, is both a physical space and corporate division.