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VSP Vision™ joined forces with GLAM4GOOD to expand access to vision care, eyewear, clothing and accessories for communities in need. Together, we’ve brought hope to community members who’ve lost everything after a disaster, empowered students of all ages, and celebrated newly adoptive families. “Our collaboration with GLAM4GOOD enables us to broaden access to care for those who need it most in a truly unique way,” said Michael Guyette, president and CEO of VSP Vision. “Our complementary missions have seamlessly come together to combine the joy of fashion with the transformative effects of an eye exam and glasses to help communities in need.”

Vision Care and Clothing Gifted to Students Experiencing Homelessness

Since 2014, VSP Eyes of Hope has been providing free vision care at Monarch School, which provides a quality education to students in San Diego who are unhoused or housing insecure. GLAM4GOOD joined us in 2019 to give the high school students a professional wardrobe to go with their new glasses. For students working, interning, or interviewing for college and future careers, looking the part can be just as important as seeing well.

Returning to Paradise

When the Camp Fire devastated Paradise, California, in 2018 many were unsure if the town could ever recover. When schools finally reopened in Paradise nearly a year later, VSP Eyes of Hope and GLAM4GOOD returned to the community to treat more than 300 teachers, staff, and students to an unforgettable back-to-school experience.

American Red Cross

Since 1999, VSP Eyes of Hope has partnered with the American Red Cross to provide access to eye care and replacement glasses for community members affected by disaster. VSP Vision is proud to be an American Red Cross Annual Disaster Giving Program member.

Finding What's Important

Life can change in a matter of seconds. One moment you can be preparing to pick your grandkids up from school, setting things out for dinner. The next your living room can be filled with billowing smoke and flames. Your one clear thought through the toxic air is getting your family out alive. Hear Patricia’s story of finding hope after a disaster.

Prevent Blindness

VSP Vision supports the work of Prevent Blindness through funding, VSP Eyes of Hope programs, and volunteerism. In 2020, Prevent Blindness honored VSP Vision with the Persons of Vision 2020 Award.

More Than 20 Years of Hope Through Sight

Prevent Blindness became one of the first partners in 1999 through Sight for Students. To date, more than a quarter of a million of people have been helped through our partnership.

We See: A Child Eye Health Project

VSP Vision companies collaborated with Brien Holden Vision Institute, Nike, local government agencies, and other local partners to launch WE SEE, A Child Eye Health Project, in Soweto, South Africa. The project established a local eye care clinic to provide free eye care and eyewear, integrated child eye health into school health and education policies, and trained school nurses in primary eye care.

Closing the Vision Care Gap in Soweto, South Africa

Through this multi-year project, more than 95,000 children received access to vision care and a boost toward achieving their dreams. Local schools have the training and tools to ensure students are seeing well and, at the end of the project, the eye care clinic was donated to a local hospital to continue providing services in the community.

Share Your Eyes of Hope Story

If you received care through Eyes of Hope and it has helped you or someone you know see well, live a healthier life, or succeed in school or work, tell us about it!